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Ever since I remember I have loved fragments of beautiful things. Faded postcards, old brocade, glass beads, scraps of fabric, all warmed by human hands. In an age of High-resolution, there is beauty to be found, in a world, seen through a soft lens.


I love the world of flickering old films, old records with surface noise, scraps of things that are intriguingly imperfect and capture the mystery of time.  I drink from a beautiful old teacup that has a chip on it ... but that chip has a story. All of my designs have a story, some real, some imagined. That is what this collection is about. We are writing stories through fabric.

The items in this collection are highly personal and represent a passion for being around wonderful objects. Authentic fabrics from the 30's, 40's and 50's, brass buttons from World War II and ephemera have been harmoniously incorporated into these designs. We have layered various materials to invite endless exploration. Many techniques have been used in our work, including hand stamping, fabric overlays, screening and appliqué. Our philosophy is also woven in. We believe that being in the presence of  beautiful things is transporting. 

Look closely -there are stories being told.

Visit Us at The Brooklyn Flea www.brooklynflea.com